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Ministry Appreciation Month

Did you know that half of all ministers starting out will leave the ministry within five years, and only 1 out of every 10 ministers will actually retire as a minister in some form?

Does your pastor or minister know you appreciate her or him?

October is Ministry Appreciation Month, a time to let those who serve in ministry know you appreciate their call and their work. It is an opportunity to encourage those in ministry. Pastors hear all kinds of jokes about only working January 2012one day a week and then only for an hour but it takes many hours to properly prepare to deliver a sermon. There is also a great deal more work for a pastor than the weekly sermon and worship service. Often pastors have multiple services as well as Bible studies, meetings, visits, counseling, etc. etc. Additionally, they often carry the burdens of their beloved flock sharing in their struggles, manage a staff, and tend to hundreds of details to keep the ministry moving forward. All of this while graciously accepting the opinions of those who think worship is too long or the music is not to their liking or the children of the pastor were misbehaving during worship.

While it may not be inappropriate to have higher expectations for pastors than some other professions it is also appropriate to be appreciative for the hours and energy invested in the ministry.

How can you show your appreciation?

  • You can express verbally your appreciation.
  • You can offer a small gift, perhaps a Starbucks gift card or a Disciples Women’s Shepherd Pin https://www.discipleshomemissions.org/shop/symbol-pin-clergy/.DW-Pin-Clergy-144x300
  • You can volunteer.
  • You can offer to babysit the pastor’s children.
  • You can be patient when you are unhappy with something your pastor has said or done.

This might be a good time, as well, to remember that not all ministers are full-time, vocational ministers. There are many in our churches who serve as pastors and ministers in many ways and who have received a call to ministry from God. This is an appropriate time to offer your gratitude for living out their call in a way that honors God.

Thanks to all of you who serve as pastors and ministers in the wide variety of expressions of ministry. Blessings for you and your work.