Our Purpose

Disciples Women’s Ministries is a conduit for diverse connections empowering each woman to find her voice and live out her call.

Our ministry is inspired by Micah 6:8.


2 responses to “Our Purpose

  1. A disciples Women’s group in this region, provides a hot meal delivered to our shut-in everyother Friday(they hope to do it every Friday soon. They wonderful thing that has happened is they have picked up “clients” that do not have a church home. They receive no payment and refuse when offered. while this is not the target age group, word spreads.
    also I will present this to our Regional board March 5 and to the Disciples Women’s Cabinet March 18. Thanks so much Pat. Mary Uhl WV

    • Thank you Mary. I appreciate you being able to see that something that works with one group might work equally well with another.
      Blessings and thank you so much for participating in the project.
      Just so you know, I am expecting I will get more comments on the other blog so if you want to be in the conversation you might want to use it.
      Thank you, again, for being such a great ministry partner.

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