SOAR! with Disciples Women

SOAR! The General Assembly in 2015 will be focused around the theme of SOAR! Disciples Women invite you to SOAR with them above the pain and struggle that is part of the world we live in…rising above with God’s Peace Craneshelp. Reflecting the work of Disciples Women’s Ministries, we will be accumulating peace cranes.

There is a Japanese legend that says if a person folds 1,000 cranes they will get their wish. This inspired us to think about what we do when we have a deep need. Our intent is to gather 1,000 cranes with 1,000 prayers written on them by the end of GA 2015. When we have achieved this goal we will join together in prayer and offer all these concerns to God. Knowing that God will already be answering these accumulated prayers, we will also offer thanks for what God has already done and is already doing.

Over the next year as Disciples Women staff journeys to be with people in many contexts, we will be accepting cranes to be brought back with us. (Or, you can send them to the office.)

At GA, there will be cranes already made and waiting for prayers as well as paper to make cranes at the Disciples Women booth. We look forward to adding your prayer and your crane to the flock so together we will pray for the concerns of our sisters and brothers knowing that God hears us. Together we will SOAR into wholeness!


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